Tropic Biosciences utilizes advanced genome editing and plant breeding technologies in developing improved commercial varieties of tropical crops.

PBD Biotech specialises in novel phage-based diagnostic technology for the rapid detection of mycobacteria such as Mycobacterium bovis (bovine TB) and Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (MAP; Johne’s disease).

Stable is a new insurance company that enables Dairy, Livestock and Arable farmers to insure against falling prices which 95% of farms cannot currently access. 

Fresh4cast provides forecast-as-a-service to growers and distributors of fruit and vegetables.

Climate Edge has developed a world leading communication platform specifically designed for use with smallholder farmers.  From agronomy to market access, Climate Edge’s platform allows businesses to turn their expertise into interactive services that farmers will actually use. 

Better Origin are developers of an on-site process for using farm waste as a food source, using the Black Soldier Fly as a bioconversion engine to produce high value insect mass, rich in proteins, fats and chitin – ideal sources of nutrition for poultry and farmed salmon.

BigSIS is developing a broad portfolio of sustainable insect control solutions for agriculture pests and mosquitoes. Using contemporary robotics and artificial intelligence, BigSIS has reinvented the proven and powerful Sterile Insect Technique (SIT).

Uncommon (previously Higher Steaks) is a cultivated meat company (meat using cell culture techniques) which addresses some of the biggest health, environmental and animal welfare challenges. It is operating in an almost $1 trillion market and focused on pork as its first product.

Oxbury is the UK’s specialist agricultural bank, the only bank with a 100% dedicated focus on British farmers, food producers and the rural economy. Using industry knowledge and a purpose-built technology platform it provides farmers with the specialised lending that they need to run their farms.

WeedBot is a technology company that builds high precision weeding systems for conventional and organic farmers. Computer vision distinguishes between weeds and crops and use high power lasers to eliminate weeds to replace herbicide usage and manual weeding.

Outfield has built a scalable system to inform fruit growers about the condition of their orchards today.

Zayndu has developed a robust, factory ready process for seed sterilisation without the use of chemicals and leaving no residues on the seed.

Solasta Bio is dedicated to discovery of new, more selective, ‘greener’ insect control agents that are valuable for modern pest management approaches.

Weedingtech is the creator of ‘Foamstream’, a herbicide-free weed control solution that combines hot water with a biodegradable, organic foam.

FishFrom Ltd is trialling a depuration technology that eradicates naturally occurring compounds in land based fish farming facilities. The 2 most prevalent are 2-Methylisoborneol and Geosmin that give fish a muddy taste and, after successful trials, the technology could be scaled up, commercialised and sold to the global aquaculture market.

Biotic uses renewable marine biomass as feedstock for microbial fermentation, to manufacture fully bio-based & fully biodegradable PHBV polymers, as optimal fossil-based plastic alternatives.

Albotherm’s greenhouse coatings reversibly transition from transparent to white to shade greenhouses in hot weather, regulating internal temperature without electrical input and increasing light levels by up to 18% and crop productivity by up to 34%.


Hummingbird is an artificial intelligence and global leader in imagery analytics for agriculture using remote sensing imagery from UAV and satellites, combined with deep learning and artificial intelligence.

Cervest specializes in Earth Science AI to quantify and standardize asset-level climate risk for millions of physical assets so users can embed historic, forecast, and simulated asset-level climate analysis into everyday risk, pricing, and growth decisions.