Syndicate Investments

Hummingbird is an artificial intelligence and data analytics company for the precision agriculture sector. Using machine learning and imagery captured by satellites and sensor-mounted UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), Hummingbird’s central focus is yield prediction and variable rate input recommendations based on early detection of crop disease and accurate monitoring of crop health.

Tropic Biosciences utilises advanced gene editing technology in developing high-performing commercial varieties of tropical crops. These crops play a critical role in global nutrition and trade but face tremendous disease and supply-chain challenges which the company aims to solve using non-transgenic innovative strategies.

PBD Biotech specialises in novel phage-based diagnostic technology for the rapid detection of mycobacteria such as Mycobacterium bovis (bovine TB) and Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (MAP; Johne’s disease) in livestock, and Human TB.

Stable is an index insurance platform that enables the agri-food industry to insure themselves against falling prices or rising costs. Stable works with distribution partners around the world and is a Lloyd's of London Coverholder.

Fresh4cast provides forecast-as-a-service to growers and distributors of fruit and vegetables. The predictive models use deep learning techniques and innovative data pipelines. The company’s machine forecast covers half of all berries grown in the UK, as well as other categories and geographies. Recently secured a grant to build a new class of forecasting model in partnership with a robotics company and a large grower. 2020 turnover up +70%, positive pre-tax profit.

Climate Edge has developed a world leading communication platform specifically designed for use with smallholder farmers.  Engaging smallholder farmers is the key to creating a fair and sustainable future for global agriculture.  But it is currently painfully difficult and expensive to do so. Farmers need advice and support to adopt new practices and succeed. From agronomy to market access, Climate Edge’s platform allows businesses to turn their expertise into interactive services that farmers will actually use.  By giving farmers the information they need, exactly when they need it, and how they need it, Climate Edge creates meaningful impact at the farm level, at scale.

Better Origins transforms food waste into sustainable animal feed using insects as a bioconversion engine. The Black Soldier Fly is Nature’s ideal food waste conversion engine, metabolising low value biomass into high value proteins and fats – ideal sources of nutrition for poultry and farmed salmon. This creates a natural, circular feeding system which reflects the diets of these animals in the wild, and reduces the carbon footprint associated with growing fresh crops for animal feed.

Cervest is a pioneering machine learning platform in the agri-food sector that monitors, predicts, and simulates crop and land productivity – empowering the growers, buyers, insurance and policy makers who manage the world’s resources to make climate-smart decisions in an increasingly volatile world.

BigSIS is developing a broad portfolio of sustainable insect control solutions for agriculture pests and mosquitoes. Using contemporary robotics and artificial intelligence, BigSIS has reinvented the proven and powerful Sterile Insect Technique (SIT). Our sterile male insects, which mate with wild females to control pest populations, are non-GM, non-toxic and benign to other species.

Higher Steaks is a cultivated meat company (meat using cell culture techniques) which addresses some of the biggest health, environmental and animal welfare challenges. It is operating in an almost $1 trillion market and focused on pork as its first product.

Oxbury is the UK’s specialist agricultural bank, the only bank with a 100% dedicated focus on British farmers, food producers and the rural economy. It is a collaboration of experienced bankers, farmers and technology experts, with backing from the UK’s largest agribusiness firms and leading farmers.  Using industry knowledge and a purpose-built technology platform it provides farmers with the specialised lending that they need to run their farms.

WeedBot is a technology company that builds high precision weeding systems for conventional and organic farmers. Our weeding equipment relies on computer vision to distinguish between weeds and crops and use high power lasers to eliminate weeds. Laser weeding technology developed by Weedbot is environmentally friendly and can replace herbicide usage and manual weeding.

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